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With offices in Mexico City and in Houston Texas, Inter-Bentley Group has been a leading import/export chemical and petrochemical distribution company since 1980. Our integrated products and services include everything you need to get your requirements on time and all the way to your doorstep.

Inter-Bentley Group handles road, rail and sea logistics networks, guaranteeing product delivery on time and in the best cost-efficient manner.

Our Group has always been characterized by high quality; not only on the products we offer, but in personal service we give to our valued customers.

Today, Inter-Bentley, through its affiliated company Rodequim C.V., is in the process of being certified on Responsible Care by the Chemical Industry National Association (A.N.I.Q.).

Inter-Bentley Group is also a member of the National Chamber of Transformation Industry (CANACINTRA), in the Solvents Distribution Sector. We actively participate on the Prevention on Inhalants Research Fund (FISI).

Inter- Bentley Group is also a prominent member of Mexico’s Import and Export National Association (ANIERM), always at the forefront on any government requirements and provisions, regarding the dispatch and clearance of goods and commodities to and from Mexico.


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