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At Inter-Bentley we specialize in Chemical and Petrochemical Import/export to and from Mexico. Since 1980 we have been Recognized as one of Mexico's leading Distributors. Our deliveries are always on time.


1. Consulting and import/export Management of Chemical Products.

Thanks to our consulting and management services we guarantee that all import/export permits and requirements for your products will always be in compliance with current domestic and international regulations .
Our services include:

  • Consultation delivered by highly qualified staff with all the know-how on your product classification prior to customs clearance
  • Strict compliance and adherence to import/export regulations
  • Application of tariff benefits based on international treaties, where they may apply
  • Logistic innovation to save on costs and time
  • Customs clearance, maneuvers and procedures at country of destination

2. Door to Door Logistic (Domestic and International)

Inter-Bentley Group has presence in all of the main customs points in Mexico; we offer full professional service for the import, export and specialized transportation of chemicals, which allow us to optimize delivery times.

We transport the product directly from where it is and deliver it to your doorstep in record time.

Door to Door Logistic Services:

  • By road, rail or sea
  • Export and Import
  • Pick-up and delivery at assigned locations
  • Domestic and international coverage
  • The best delivery times

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